A Helping Hack

Can technology make the world a better place? This enticing proposition is being put to the test in Jordan by training Syrian refugees in IT.
Brandeins International, 02/2017

Defense Ready

Lina Khalifeh founded Jordan’s first self-defense studio for women. She teaches women to stand up for their rights with words and, when necessary, their fists.
Deine Korrespondentin, 21.09.2017

From Your Pan to Europe’s Gas Stations

Why an Egyptian start-up wants your used cooking-oil.
Egypt Independent, 26.12.2017

Up close with Egypt’s small but growing tango community

While the intimacy it entails at first aroused some skepticism, a vibrant and dedicated tango community has evolved in Egypt that has attracted internationally renowned dancers.
Egypt Independent, 11.12.2017

For German Volunteers in Israel, Less Guilt, More Curiosity

More than half of all non-Jewish volunteers in Israel come from Germany; the Holocaust remains a sensitive topic for them even if it wasn’t the catalyst for volunteering.
Haaretz, 10.07.2015